A Guide to our Courses

We provide a well-established and highly regarded programme of three distinct types of courses to help with your preparation for the FRACP exams in Adult Medicine.

Our courses are co-ordinated by our Director of Medical Education, who is a practicing Consultant Physician with considerable experience in physician training and holds a Masters Degree in Health Professional Education. He has conducted research into physician trainee learning for his Masters thesis and, as such, our courses are designed around sound educational principles aimed at ensuring you maximize learning and are successful in the exams.

The speakers at our courses are highly regarded teachers and specialists in their respective fields, with many years’ experience teaching at our courses. They are drawn from hospitals across Melbourne and inter-state to ensure that our courses have the best possible speakers available.

The courses in our programme are held at appropriate stages in your exam preparation to maximise your learning and chances of success. The courses are:

Written Exam Preparation Course. This is a two-week course that is run twice a year in Melbourne, to provide a choice of dates for you to attend. This course has been refined over 20 years to integrate a revision of the knowledge necessary to pass the exam with a focus on evidence-based medicine, current hot-topics and generally poorly understood topics. It provides extensive, up-to-date practice MCQs (both before and during the course) and a trial exam. Candidates attending this course will also have online access to self-study, video-based lectures that extend-on and complement the teaching at the course itself.

MCQ Course. Our MCQ course is a two-day programme that provides an opportunity, at the end of your revision for the written exam, to test your knowledge by trying new MCQs written specifically for this course each year. This serves to identify any potential gaps in your knowledge and therefore indicates the areas that you should concentrate final revision on prior to the exam. It also provides a trial exam, our analysis of which allows you to compare your performance against the other exam candidates who sit this trial exam. It is a popular and well-tested final preparation for the written exam.

Clinical Exam Preparation Course. This is a one-day course run once a year in Melbourne. The course aims to help develop the appropriate skills and framework to assist with successful preparation for short and long cases. The face-to-face learning at the course is supplemented by self-study, online video-based lecture material. (Please note this course is not available in 2021)

Since 2000, this programme of courses has assisted thousands of trainees in their successful preparation for the exam. For course dates and further details, please see the ‘Courses’ section of our website.

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